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HIMALAYA Outdoor Production Corp. was established in 2002.
It is one of the biggest factories of Hydraknight Group with other four factories of Taiwan Hydraknight Innovation Co.Ltd, Henan Hydraknight     Production Corp., Hubei Hydraknight Production Corp. and Geely Intelligence equipment Inc.
We are specialized in outdoor products, such as water bladders, waterproof bags,bottles, inflatable products, welded products, bike mounting systems and accessories.
HIMALAYA Outdoor production Corp. focuses on the automation of production, quick sampling and producing, with six automated production, precision mold manufacturing, food grade plastic injection, bottle blowing with cleaning processes, tube extrusion, silicone vulcanizing, film extrusion, plastic granulating, with high quality control and high capacity.
Besides, automated cutting, silk printing, rotating printing, High Frequency Welding, Ultra Sonic Welding, Stitching, leaking test, semi-automatic assembling, weatherproof tests,packaging are all equipped in Himalaya, also called a Total Solution Supplier. 
Covering more than 11,334 square meters open ground, 13,600 square meters floor space,with more than 300 professional workers and various advanced machines.
We are the one of the most powerful and professional factories of outdoor gear products in China. There are more than 100 manual,semi-automatic welding machines and various computer stitching machines in the factory. The leadership of the company has accumulated 17 years of design, R&D and manufacturing experience, absorbing, constantly summing up and innovation, with first class production technician.
HIMALAYA, your best Partner on water bladders, waterproof bags, bottles and inflatable products:
1.Competitive price: self-owned molds, machines and test equipments and all process are produced in an ISO9000 certified and audited factory.
  Consideration of materials and quality standard and associated potential risks, the price will be the best as long as the business is direct, without middlemen.
2.Excellent and flexible delivery. Capacity from different factories of Taiwan, Zhongshan, Henan and Hubei is jointly managed and planed.
The delivery time of repeated orders is fully met on the condition that the materials are booked and capacity is reserved.
3.High quality products supply. From supplier selection, in-come material inspection, traceability in each process and materials, all the works are for a quality product. It has been nearly 30 years from the first factory and we have never been losing a customer because of product quality.
4.Advantage of new product development and technical supports. The number of patent applied in China, Europe and United States has exceeded 100 and there have been never patent issues on our products.
From water bladders to water bottles, waterproof bags and inflatable products, we have been going forward with multiple categories to supply to our customers in terms of OEM and ODM.
5.High Standard management. We are all ISO9001 certified factories and regularly audited by our customers in quality, techniques and the social accountability.
All the audits absolutely reduce the quality and supply risks but improve customers’ profit and sales.
6.Numerous &Professional tests. In chemical aspects, REACH, FDA and EU tests conducted by our customers or ourselves
and functional tests as pull strength, Antimicrobial, bite valve, drop test, leak test roll test, loading test, vibration test, weatherproof test and IPX tests are tested by ourselves in the in-house labs both in Taiwan and China mainland in order to ensure the products meet our customers’ standard in terms of quality and performances
  “Customer first" is our mission, and "innovation, excellence" is our faith. We are willing to provide the high-quality products and excellent service to every customer.
  喜玛拉雅户外用品有限公司专注户外饮水袋,防水包(袋), 水瓶,充气衣,充气垫(枕),自行车扣具和其他相关配件类户外装备
  喜玛拉雅户外用品专注自动化生产,快速打样和生产, 并拥有六大自动化生产线,精密模具加工,食品级注塑,吹瓶,挤出,硫化,薄膜压延和造粒。品质稳定,产能充足。
  喜玛拉雅,是您水袋,防水包袋,水瓶和充气产 品的最佳选择:
6.专业的检测: 进行REACH, FDA和EU等外部化性测试以及拉力测试,抗菌测试,吸嘴咬合寿命测试,跌落测试,漏水(气)测试,滚筒测试,重压测试,震动测试,风雨测试,水下IPX 等功能性测试都可以在台湾和中山工厂内自测以便能确保在质量,性能等方面符合客户标准。

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